DKIT Trench Cup Champions 2016

by louthandproud on February 20, 2016

in School/College

They beat WIT by 6 points!


The score line in Belfast was 1-14 to 1-8

We’ll done to all.

It’s a great boost to the county, the victory shows that when the correct infrastructure, time and pure effort is put in we can be successful at national level.

DKIT deserve tremendous credit for putting their money where their mouth is.
They have finally taken football seriously in the past few years and they will reap the benefits now to no end recruitment wise.

Lads locally and far and wide will now want to play for DKIT.

Local pride. Deadly.

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Wayne February 20, 2016 at 3:31 pm

Well done to everyone involved.. Players,management and every man woman and child who invested time effort and resources. I agree that this is something to be very proud of and hopefully its a springboard for more county success.

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