Antrim Build-up begins

by louthandproud on March 31, 2016

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Due to a Promotion hangover…


The Antrim build up only begins today.

I’ve a Similar mindset to Colin Kelly this week.

This game is a league final dress rehearsal.

I dont want to show my hand and neither will CK.

Antrim on the other hand are keen to keep their 100% record and don’t have a round of county league fixtures to navigate around.

Where as we do.

Numerous teams involving our starts, not all, are out on the Saturday night.(others being on, on Tuesday)

The Mochtas being one so I can’t see Decky and Darren starting the Sunday can you?

So CK’s hand might be tied after all.

I would have liked our first 15 to have a crack at Antrim and then as a group learn from the game and prep for the Final now, looks like our players first impressions of Antrim will be in a final, in Croke Park.

It could work out…we might not show play our system, fringe players will get a chance to shine and we might give Antrim a false impression going into a final.

Maybe the county board know what they are doing after all.

This weeks schedule:

-Antrim directions

-League fixtures and results

-Live Match Feed on Sunday.

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Anonymous March 31, 2016 at 10:38 pm

Dan, I’m guessing you have gathered a nice wee group of readers at this stage and no pun intended with the ‘wee’, so can you please shed some light on the fixture issue within this county at the minute. The county board are treating club players like shit and have no respect for them. We have fixtures this weekend and the following Tuesday night which is fair enough but no plan for the next 4/6 weeks which other neighbouring counties (and stronger counties football wise) have had weeks ago and some of them have even played championship games. It’s a disgrace and personally I have considered giving up playing altogether due to arguing with family and friends about not being able to tell them when we are playing! On an intercounty note I just want to say well done to the Louth team and the management on their promotion. A job well done.

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